What to Wear

My philosophy with what to wear goes right along with my philosophy on the “How I Work” page.  It has alot to do with BEING YOURSELF.

Be comfortable with what you have on, be confident, & be yourself!  Don’t lose sight of who you are or you won’t like your pictures as much.  You will love them if they truly reflect who you are.

I don’t recommend the matchy matchy one color look for families. My personal preference is for every family member to show off their own style.  Complimenting colors (but not matching) among family members look nice on camera, but is not a must.  Just be natural…..show your style.

Simple, layered clothing is sometimes best for children.  I love bright colors & funky accessories that help make your session unique. I am a big fan of hats, beanies, scarves, fun shoes or boots, hoodies, tutus, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc.

Feel free to make multiple outfit changes.  Just remember that I will take full body pictures, too, which means your shoes will also be included.   Maybe even some bare feet if you are up for it!

Bring anything that you’d like to be included.  I come with my own ideas but when it comes to props, I don’t like to overdo it too much.  I want this session to be more about you than overtaken with props.

Bring anything along with you that will make your children smile, that you’d like documented through pictures (to preserve a certain time in your life) or anything you feel would be just plain cute (for example, skateboards, guitars, soccerball, special toy or stuffed animal, flowers, etc.)  If there is a certain thing your child loves, tell me about it! We can incorporate just about anything.

Pinterest is a great spot for ideas on what to wear.

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