What to Expect

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  It pretty much sums up what to expect in the process of booking a session as well as what to expect during and after your session!

I’d like to book!  Where do we go from here?

Contact me with a set of desired dates.  From there, I will find a good date that we both love!  I typically shoot late afternoon (6-ish in the Summer and Fall months, 4-ish in the Winter and Spring months) but if need be, I shoot early mornings as well.  Once we set a date, I will invoice you.  One invoice for retainer and the other for the balance.  They will be sent at the same time….because if I don’t do them at once when it’s fresh on my mind,  I’d totally get sidetracked and forget.  Most likely by a crazy toddler running around with no pants on or even possibly a baby that just woke up from his nap ;)  Retainer is due within five days of this date (the date we put you down in the books), it is non refundable and must be paid to hold your desired date/time.

Are outfit changes allowed, how many?

Outfit changes are completely fine with me, as long as they fit in your allotted time :)  I’m all about changing things up so that pictures don’t get repetitious!  The only thing that I ask you keep in mind how outfit changes will effect your child.  If she’s one that absolutely hates to change clothes, I’d suggest to keep it to one or two at the most.  A lot of outfit changes tend to wear them out, especially babies.  Doing this will get the most out of your session…..a happy kiddo makes for a more productive session :)

What should I wear to my session?

The ONLY thing I do not suggest is please please please no jeans and white shirts….and when I say that, I mean please do not put everyone in jeans and white shirts.  Honestly, it takes away from who you are as a family.  Wear what makes you, YOU….your children who they are.  Don’t fret if everyone is in something different, I promise it’ll all pull together perfectly!  My main tip is to coordinate, not match.  Coordinate with matching tones, don’t match with colors.

For sessions with only the child as the subject, have fun with it!  If your kiddo runs around in his superman undies and rain boots all day, bring it!  What better than to look back at your photos, years down the road and remember all the times he ran around the house like this?!  No, we won’t do his whole session in this getup (unless you want, then I’d TOTALLY photograph that and only that awesomeness!) but it wouldn’t hurt to snap a few if he is willing ;)  Also, don’t feel the need to dress up.  If your a family that feels their best in their everyday clothes then wear that!  These photos are about you and your family, who your family is at this exact point.  No need to go all fancy pants if it makes you uncomfortable :)

You can check out the What to Wear info page here for more information!

What about props?

Bring anything that you’d like to be included.  I come with my own ideas but when it comes to props, I don’t like to overdo it too much.  I want this session to be more about you than overtaken with props.  Bring anything along with you that will make your children smile, that you’d like documented through pictures (to preserve a certain time in your life) or anything you feel would be just plain cute (for example, skateboards, guitars, soccerball, special toy or stuffed animal, flowers, etc.)  If there is a certain thing your child loves, tell me about it! We can incorporate just about anything.

What should I expect during my session?

At the start of your session, I’ll spend a few minutes “getting to know” your child(ren).  Doing this opens the door to capturing their true character.  After that, I’ll spend a few minutes with mom or dad asking what exactly they expect from the session and if they have anything special they’d like to photograph….as shot list more or less.  From there, I’ll start shooting and let the magic begin :)  Each session has a certain amount of time that is included in your package.  Please know that this time frame is my “safe” number.  This amount of time is good for all cases and typically never goes over, just due to the fact that no child likes to entertain the photographer for this long, lol!  Photo sessions are an exhausting process for everyone involved and certain ages “expire” at certain times….I guess the point I’m trying to get at is that I shoot until the child is done.  Sure, if we shoot past this point to get your full amount of time in we may get one or two good ones but they are usually forced and it’s written all over their faces.  With all of that being said, be assured that even if we don’t shoot the entire 90 minutes I can promise you will get your agreed upon amount of photos ;)

What to expect after my session?

I’ll usually ask for a hug from your kiddos…because I absolutely adore children.  I’d ask for one from you buuuttt we can both be honest and admit that this is about them, hehe!  Galleries take anywhere from 2 weeks to one month to make it into your inbox.  Once photos are edited, your downloadable gallery will be sent.  You will receive and email with a link to download them.  **Galleries cannot be downloaded onto phones or mobile devices, only onto computers.  You will receive your print release with your download.

Will I get all of the photos from my session?

You will not get all of the photos from your session.  At a typical full session, I shoot about 600-700 photos.  To edit and send over all of them would take TONS of my time and TONS of your money ;)  Besides, only about 100 of those photos are worth anything and out of those, only about 20-40 are perfection.  I will choose the absolute best photos to be included in your gallery.  All though you may be expecting those photos of the kids standing in the field with the sun glaring down on them, I just don’t have it in me to present those to you.  As a photographer, I must stay true to my craft and present to you what you are paying me for, not something that is easily photographed by a family member.  Also expect a few detail shots in there.  I am a sucker for the tiny little details that our children hold.  Although a few may not look at them and want to hang them on their walls, almost everyone would look back at them years down the road an melt…this is why I like to include them.

What kind of copyright release will I have?

I give what’s called a “Limited Personal Copyright.” This means you may reproduce the photos how and where you would like. You can get your own prints done, or put them on Facebook. A full copyright would mean you have the rights to sell my work – which I don’t give out to clients. Please note that any photos posted to Facebook or social networking websites you are required to give me credit for my work. When you receive your downloadable gallery of images, I will include a file about copyright and how to use your images.

Ok, sooo I think that pretty much sums it all up!  Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!

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