The Patin Family…Port Allen Child and Family Photographer

Ok mommas!  So here’s the thing….this session brings SOOOO much sweetness with it and I owe it all to Ashley (momma to the sweet little miss in all of these photos).  She did so many things just…right.  She knew that her sweet pea would need some time to warm up to me so she forewarned me AND booked a full session so that we didn’t have to force anything into a short amount of time….because lets face it, forced smiles aren’t near as happy as genuine smiles.  She started the session off with a few twirls and a game of hide and seek, getting a crazy amount of great shots in just the first few minutes.  After that, I watched her bring out an imagination that any three year old could relate to, making her so at ease and completely forgetting about me at times. I watched her jump, twirl and spin…sing, march and dance…all bringing out the most genuine smiles.

The thing is this, my goal is the same as yours.  When you book a session with me, I am out to get a special set of photos of your children for you to cherish forever…just as I do with my own.  When I shoot, so much is running through my head…focal point, lighting, composition, white balance,  aperture, ISO, shutter speed…oh, she’s running!…change of lighting, change of aperture, change of shutter speed, change of ISO…new focal point…oh, he’s playing hide and seek…another focal point, new settings, new lighting, new white balance…all while clicking away hundreds of times within just a few short minutes.  While shooting, my mind goes ninety to nothing making sure not to miss a beat.  This way, I know I am getting the best possible for you.  With that being said, it’s a tad difficult to have all of the above working together AND entertain kiddos to get those genuine smiles.  I most certainly try my best but the bottom line is I’m not in tune to their needs.  I’m not with them every day to know what silly faces make them giggle or where their sweetest tickle spot is.  I don’t know the funny jokes that bring out the belly laughs or the stuffed animals that make their eyes light up.  That’s where I need YOU…more than ever.  I rely on your silly inside jokes and funny faces to get those sweet little smiles.  It’s you that is my most secret of weapons…the one person that knows this little subject I’m photographing like the back of hear hand.  All I ask of you is that you forget about who’s watching, don’t worry about any one that may see you dancing like a crazy woman…we have all done it before or eventually will.  If you can let your guard down for just this one short hour or so and make those silly faces or dance around me like an Indian, I can promise you we will capture something truly magical.  When you book me as your photographer, this is a partnership.  You provide your gorgeous children and perfectly picked outfits and I proved my knowledge of photography and editing, parterning together to get those special photos I want you to hold so dear to your heart.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little set of photos that her momma worked her tail off to get.  Ashley, your hard work payed off, BIG!  Thank you so much for choosing Cassie Treuil Photography, I love love LOVED my evening with y’all <3


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