The Boys’ Shared Bunk Room Reveal!

If you’ve been around long enough, you know I have a passion for interior design. You also know that I have promised to share this space with y’all for far too long now ;) Like way long. So here it goes….

When we had the plans drawn up for our house, we only had two. Blaison was 8-ish at the time and Kade was just born. We just knew these plans were perfect for what he had hoped for our growing family. Fast forward about five years with the addition of two more baby brothers and we found ourselves in a weird spot. Matty was in his nursery while Kade and Kellan shared a room on the other side of the house. Let me preface by saying that I have always known two things: that I wanted to be outnumbered by children AND that I waned them to all share a room. For more reasons that one, it was important to me for them to all share a space. Now, back to that problem. I ::needed:: Matty in that room and another thing, I ::needed:: to create a space for them to play and space for them to sleep.

…annnddd voila! Here we are! We moved Matty’s crib over to the boys’ room and put all their toys into his nursery. We now had a room for sleep (with no toys!) and a room for play!

Luckily, their room was oddly large. Odd as in, Blaison’s room and Matty’s nursery were much smaller than Kade and Kellan’s. I knew that to maximize the space, I needed to go up with the sleeping arrangements. I also knew that I HAD to have those amazing built in bunk beds that I’ve seen allover pinterest in there. I mean, they are so timeless and SO stunning…am I right?!?! So, I did what any wife would do and decided my husband would tackle this project “for the boys” ;)

We used the a tutorial from the AH-MAZING Chris loves Julia! You can find their girls’ room HERE! Their tutorials are top notch and there is no going wrong with them.

I love, LOVE seeing these layered pillows and their special stuffed animals all stacked together.

Showing this obnoxious amount of pillow shots below because ultimately, it’s what makes me so happy about the entire room. Four cozy little sleep spots ready for the boys and any friends they have stay over, snuggly “babies” for all <3

Another must for this project? Rainbow books. Another one of the things I could not do without. Luckily, there was a bit of dead space I was able to utilize and display all their bed time books!

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