The boys of CTP

Most of you would think that as a photographer, my walls are graced with professional photos of my boys…..not the case at all!  My photography is my work and when I’m not working, I don’t have my camera.  Kind of like people that work behind a computer 40 hours a week, you usually won’t catch them close to one on the weekends.  I am asked at almost every family function “…where is your camera, don’t you want to catch these photos?!”, and the answer is always “nope.”  The truth is, I actually really really do want to document these special moments in my boys’ lives but I get so wrapped up in the planning that I just don’t bring out my camera.  I can’t tell you how many birthdays I’ve hosted and by the end of the night that lingering guilt always pops up and I realize what I truly missed out on capturing.  I mean, I don’t even bring out my phone to take pictures :-/  With the change in how I’m running my business, I’m not so out done with photography….I actually have some time to breathe on the weekends.  I am trying soooo hard not to miss out this upcoming year.  Besides, I won’t ever get these moments back….something my conscience has told me over and over again.

I wanted to do something different for my boys’ photos, something away from what I’ve been doing over the past few months.  While I love love love all my sessions with the pretty flowers and greenery, I just wanted a change for them…..something that fit right into their lives.  As a few of you may know, my husband works for his grandfather.   He runs an asphalt plant here in Port Allen.  There is literally tons of aggregate and more tractors than you can imagine….little boy’s dreamland, right?  The setting was perfect for what I was wanting for them.  The fact that the location means so much to my husband made it that much better.  He grew up playing on the same tractors, running up and down the same piles of rock.  From his grandfather to his dad and even right down to his brothers and I, we all either have worked for this company or still do.  I think that these truly portray what I am here to do, preserve memories that touch that spot in your heart you didn’t realize was there.  Being able to look at these years down the road and explain to my kids what there father, grandfather, great grandfather and uncles have done is a moment I can’t wait to experience.

Now, enough with the mushy stuff!  Before I sign off on this post I have to give photo credit to my husband.  These photos of me, he so totally took!  And you have to understand, this man is no where near technology savvy.  He goes on day by day with his work flip phone, no Facebook, no social media…..he barely knows how to navigate a computer.  I am so thankful he follows directions well, because of that he was able to get some photos of me with my sweet babies :)

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