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    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! As a mom of three little boys, I find myself wanting every little moment captured and preserved. I want to remember life's little moments...the ones that are easily taken for granted. From the belly laughs, giggles and grins down to the dirty hands, skinned knees and favorite stuffed animals. These magical little moments, I want to capture for you, too.

    I am an on location, natural light photographer specializing in babies, children and families. Take a look around my site to get to know my style and how I work. 67,111,110,116,97,99,116tcatnoC me for any questions you may have and for booking.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

While out running a few errands this morning, I looked in the back seat at Kade staring out the window “along for the ride” like he alwayse is.  For a child that doesn’t give me a bit of trouble when we get in the car, when he knows good and well he is going to be there for a while, I felt he deserved a fun little morning in the park.  The weather was nice, not too hot or steamy wich was even more of a reason to take him now rather than later.  When we pulled in, the excitement on his face was priceless.  The giddy little squeal, kicking his legs with excitement while trying to “unbuckle” himself….priceless.  We were the only ones there, no big kids running past him and knocking him over, rolling their eyes because he was inching his way down the slide….just us!  A perfect little mommy and me morning that I could do a thousand times over. 

August 14, 2012 - 5:19 pm

Jennifer Hines - Yes, these are the moments we live for! Do it a thousand times over, they’re only little once! Love this story :)

Gino is ONE!!!

Mister Gino and all his sweetness, I could eat him up!  He is such a happy baby and so laid back.  His sweet little temperment tends to rub off on you.  Behind all that sweetness is a big boy, a big boy close to walking!  He spent most of his time on the go and spent as little as possible looking at the camera.  There was always something so much more interesting catching his curiosity.

As a fan of Cassie Treuil Photography, most only get to see the images produced.  What alot of people don’t get to see is what goes on at the session, what’s behind those photos.  Today’s session reminds me of why I love what I do.  I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to walk into a session pretty much strangers to each other and within the first minute you feel like you’ve known each other forever.  I, as your photographer try to be as warm and inviting as possible, it’s what is behind those images you look at.  But when the client, on the other end of that relationship returns that warm and inviting feeling….you get those images that make your heart skip a beat when you first see them.  I loved spending my morning with this family and could hug on Mister Gino all day :)

Jaxon is ONE!!!

Just look at those CHEEKS!! I could photograph his sweet little face all day.  Mister Jaxon was so sweet and pretty much went along with anything we had him do.  With the heat, the grass, and the outfit changes…he was such a little trooper!  Cake smashes have to be one of my favorite sessions to do.  I love watching them tear into that cake and I think I love just as much, the thought of what’s going through their little minds as they do it.