Nora and Vivian…Baton Rouge Baby and Child Photographer

Every once in a while I come across a client that let’s me in whole heartedly.  They open up to me and treat me like they’ve known me for years.  As your photographer, I go into every session with this outlook….I think of you as my family, as a friend that I’ve known forever.  When someone returns that warmth, it’s probably one of the best feelings in the world.  I first met Kayla last summer when she booked me to photograph her sweet Nora.  She and I were both pregnant, just a few months difference between our due dates.  On a hot sticky Louisiana summer afternoon we chatted about being miserably pregnant (both of us due very soon) and let Nora do what she did best all while I photographed her.  I didn’t realize when I left that session the type of connection we had made.  It wasn’t until she left a review of her experience with me that I realized that not only was she completely accepting of my chatterbox ways but that she was willing to let me in <3  “…Working with Cassie was like catching up with an old friend…”, THIS spoke volumes to me.  We all know how great of a feeling it is to bump into an old friend and spend time catching up, there’s just so much warmth and good emotion involved in that.  To say that I was a complete stranger just days before and after only a quick 30 minutes spent together she felt that way meant SO much to me…and to this day will always hold a place in my heart <3

Almost a year has past since my last session with Kayla and we are both plus one.  We follow each other on Facebook and get to see each other’s families from time to time in photos, making small talk about planning play dates with our youngest children whom have never met, haha!  But FINALLY getting to meet Kayla’s sweet Vivian in person has been the sweetest treat yet.  The other treat?  Getting to see Nora as a big sis.  Nora showed me that she is nothing less of what I expected as an older sister…she loves her baby sister so much and it shows.

I am so thankful to have this family part of the Cassie Treuil Photography family for so many reasons.  I’m a family girl, I run my business based on the values I have as a person…the values we have as a family…it’s these values that I relate to and that have shaped CTP into what it is today.  A little business that cherishes childhood, the bond that sibings have, and the magical moments motherhood brings us.  The fact that the Foreman family value these exact things with such grace and love makes me so happy that we crossed paths.  Thank you again Kayla for choosing me to document these special moments in your lives…thank you for letting me in >3



August 25, 2014 - 10:36 am

Kayla - Cassie, I was just nosing around on your site and read your sweet note. Stop bringing tears to my eyes on a Monday! We really do love you so much! As much as I look forward to the amazing pictures I know you’re going to get of my girls, I equally look forward to catching up with you as well. =) We’ll see you soon!!

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