Melanie is ONE! | Port Allen Baby Photographer

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of photographing little Miss Melanie for her very first birthday.  This short 30 minutes spent photographing her took me back a bit and showed me why I do what I do…made me realize what a gift I was given…most importantly, how blessed I am to be given this opportunity.  Not only do I get to meet new moms and dads and their amazing, perfect, beautiful, sweet, smiling sweet peas but I also gain new relationships.  Even if over a 30 minute stretch, the little bit of time spent together is there forever…a part of Cassie Treuil Photography as a whole.  BUT, that’s not all…that’s just the selfish part of the reality.  After scanning through these 300 or so images, picking out each and every single shot that would make “the perfect” set for her gallery, I realized something greater….I realized what I was chosen to do this.  I came across one image that meant so much to me.  I captured the life of a one year old in it’s best form…a sweet little shot of her sitting in her highchair, balloons tied off, tutu perfectly fluffed, waiting on her cake to smash….she looked up at her balloons and was fascinated by them.   It’s the glimmer in their eye when they see mommy or daddy…the wonderment they have for all things on earth, big or small….the fact that at this exact moment, they have not a care in the world except for the people and things that matter most to them.  It truly is such a magical time for them and that’s what I’m here to capture for you….here to preserve for you so that you can look back on these years down the road and get the same feeling you did the day we took them.

I absolutely love meeting you all and your children, it’s momentsthat I’ll cherish forever but what I love most is giving you something that you’ll hold close to your hearts forever <3


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