McKynli Mae…Port Allen Baby Photographer

Ohhhh little Miss McKynli Mae!  How your big bright eyes and sweet little temperament just make my heart smile <3  I love, love, LOVE a baby around this age.  I love seeing the innocence in their eyes, everything around them is pure wonderment.  When they find their feet or in McKynli’s case, their tongue….I can just sit back and watch all day.

This was such a nice break for me.  I get booked with toddlers a lot here lately and to photograph a 4 month old was a nice break away from my norm.  I honestly hope to get to book more of these.  Capturing these sweet moments is so rewarding to me.  We as mothers, only get to experience this age for a short time.  Before we know it, they are crawling around our feet, pulling up on things then walking.  What a better way to have these moments to hold on to than a set of photographs you’ll have forever?…

Oh, and there’s a shot in here that momma dubbed “the Miley”….any guesses on which one?!?!

baby finds feet in lifestyle photo sessionbaby glancing up at camera for lifestyle photo session in Port Allencandid photo of mother and childbaby glancing into the camera as photo was takenlifestyle photo of baby in Port Allen, LAIMG_6123baby finds feet in lifestyle sessionIMG_6093IMG_6113 copyBaby laughing in motherMother and baby candid photosmiling baby photographed in port allen, louisianaBaby sticking tongue out in lifestyle photoBaby looking into camera at lifestyle session in Port Allen



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