Letters to Our Children | September 2014

Too soon, I’m writing yet another letter to you following the death of one of the greatest men in your lives.

Just three short days ago, we gathered with family to be with your Pa…to be with your Granny…to be together.  We gathered in his room, overflowing with family and joined in on one of the most impactful experiences of my life, one that I don’t want you ever to forget.  Up until April of this year, I hadn’t experienced any death in my adult years…I was in fact quite afraid of it.  Afraid of the hurt and heartache that I’d experience, afraid that I would let my own emotion get in the way of being strong for those closest to me, afraid I’d fail them….I was afraid of so so many things.

With the news of your great grandfather’s health a few weeks ago, I started to prepare myself for everything we had gone through just a few months before.  I let myself slip away into thoughts of moving forward without a man that had such an impact on this family, thoughts of keeping his legacy alive, thoughts of never letting you forget who he was.  As the days went by, I felt as if I were “ready” to say the least.    What I never expected was how beautifully this family of ours would handle the passing of him, and how much it would mean to me.  As we gathered there in his room, full of family and overflowing with faith…you could feel the abundant love present.  Stories shared of his beautiful life, tears flowing…both happy and sad.  We gathered there not only to mourn our loss but in thankfulness of that beautiful life of his.

On our drive home that evening I thought back on our time spent with our family, how thankful I was to be a part of such an amazing one, how thankful I was that you are a part of it….and that your Pa is the root of it all.  The thing is boys, that you come from such greatness….there is SO much to learn from him, so much potential for beauty in your lives from him….

“A humble man of quiet faith and family, Lucius Treuil modeled fairness. Highly principled, he lived by example. If he was aware of someone in need, he helped without fanfare. Gifted with unparalleled patience and kindness, Jay Treuil leaves a legacy of love for his family and friends. He didn’t just meet people, he touched their lives.”

Your great grandfather led a life that any mother would want their boys to live by.  So proud to have you to carry on his name, he would want nothing less for all of you…He would want you to find the love of your lives, love them to no end and continue this legacy he has started….put your family first and instill in your own how important family is.  He would want you to lead a humble life, led by kindness, touching people’s lives just as he.

“A beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend, his family was his life. He often said, “If you cut one, we all bleed.”

In his last few days, your Pa talked about how thankful he was for his life…how thankful he was for the love of his life, your Granny…how thankful he was for every single day God has given him.  That’s the man he was, genuinely thankful for everything God has given him.  In this letter, I have so much hope for you.  I hope that when you experience the heartache of death that it’s as beautiful, as strong in faith as the passing of your Pa has been.  I hope that it’s full of life and full of love.  I hope that you three grow to become the gentlemen your great grandfather would expect you to be, the men he wants to continue this legacy he created.  I hope you never forget his gentle smile and how proud he was to call you each his own.


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