Letters to Our Children | January 2015

Kade!  You are four my sweet boy, FOUR!  As most moms in my place would say, I feel like you were a teeny tiny newborn in my arms just last week!  In all honesty, as sad as I am that time has gone by so quickly, I’m equally as excited for what your little future holds.

In your four short years, you have made such an impact on our lives.


At 4 years old you….

….have a smile that can brighten up the darkest of days….think Blaison is your brother but Kellan is your friend….think you can do absolutely anything because your a “big boy”…are SUCH a team player, you will cheer on and encourage anyone in the worst of situations….are a super self promoter, you get so incredibly excited over any little achievement in the most innocent of ways (the cutest thing ever)….told me the other day that you could most definitely get your brother’s shoes out of the truck because “….I’m superman mamma, I get it….”, so matter of fact….absolutely love babies (like, you melt over them)….are a lover of people, every single one of them….can adapt to almost any situation….LOVE to sleep!…also, LOVE to wake up before the roosters (like before the 4 am roosters)….fall asleep at the lunch table on a regular basis…..told me that you didn’t want me to have one more baby, you wanted five (seriously dude, five?)….love school and all of your friends…..go out of your way to hold the door for me wherever you are like an absolute gentleman….are absolutely the most a mother could ever ask for.

Kade, as I’m wishing you a very happy four years I’m so thankful for the beautiful, blond hair blue eyed baby boy I was given and am even more thankful that you have the most beautiful little soul you can at this tiny little age.



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