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Y’all I am over the moon to share this redo with everyone!  But first a little back story as to why we decided to surprise our boy…

As some of you know, my oldest son Blaison is a HUGE help.  All summer long he helps me whenever I ask, watching Matty here or staying with Kade and Kellan there.  He has some SERIOUS dad vibes going on and I have yet to do something for him that I felt would return this huge favor.  So when he went off for a week to go visit his MawMaw, I did what any crazed-interior design loving-DIYing mamma would do….I decided to completely makeover his bedroom, top to bottom in total Trading Spaces-this is the kinda stuff you see on TV-style.

We moved into our home almost two years ago and Blaison’s poor little room has truly gotten the brunt of things.  While we tried to join forces to create him a space he wanted it just never came together.  Let me add here that you should never join forces with a tween to design a bedroom, ever.  Pay attention to their style and likes, and add special touches to a space mostly designed by you. Trust me on this one…his room looked like a total jail cell because he just didn’t like any of my ideas. SO taking over his room with what I knew he’d love while he was away, was honestly what did the trick!

What inspired this room was the fact that he was growing into a young man.  He’s starting HIGH SCHOOL in the fall..highscool?! <<cue the WTH because there’s no way time has flown by so quickly!>> I knew that his once instagram and fidget spinner style was no more and that he needed a grown up space that he could relax in and escape from the craziness his brothers bring into his life every day. And this was my chance to give him that.


So without further ado….let’s jump into this reno!


First, some before pictures!  Jail cell, #amiright?! I’m almost embarrassed to show these to everyone.  The bed on the floor, the chalk board wall…ugh it’s gross.  BUT that once before tween wanted modern and black and cool and blah blah blah.  So thankful we don’t have to look at that disaster anymore ;)


Ok, now are you ready?!  OMG I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!



Stunning right?!  OMG I am in love…and kind of jealous.  Initially I knew exactly what look I wanted for this space.  I have been eying deep, dark walls for a few years and after making the jump painting our entry hall this color I knew I was safe.  This color happens to be so beautiful in all types of lighting.  SW Urbane Bronze for the freaking win!


I knew when creating this room that I wanted deep, moody tones with hints of nature for my outdoorsy boy.  My husband and I worked our butt’s off to make this live edge headboard for him.  Fun fact: Brent took a tree and sawed this slab of wood himself.  He and I picked the perfect piece with the right amount of knots and sanded until we got the perfect headboard for my vision.CTP_7111


We also DIY’ed some live edge shelves up above to balance it all out and carry a sprinkle of it over to the other side of the room.  Really love the industrial brackets and the way it displays the perfect balance of art and his special pieces.


I have to say that my absolute favorite little nook in his room is this fun reading/computer lounging area I created.  We had the fun acrylic chair already along with the neon pillow and I knew they would get used…but had no idea it’d turn out so perfectly in this corner.  Starting with this set of prints from Target then slowly adding chair, pillow, side table and finally a little charging station…it was perfection that I didn’t knew existed. So dramatic, I know!


I picked up this little wall basket from World Market to hold his computer and phone while they charged.  Let’s be honest and admit that no teen is really reading much paper these days, so I knew this area with a spot for him to charge his things (and not loose them under his bed or behind his headboard) would really come in handy.  It’s actually his favorite thing about his room!



Detail shots!


…..and this mirror, so in love!


And lastly, a few more shots of the space…alot that look repetitive but I can’t help but share.  Goodness I just love it so much….not that I haven’t said it a million times already.


…and that’s a wrap folks! Blaison came home and was completely surprised, it was amazing and still to this day has my heart so full.  I may have layed in bed the next morning with a bit of buyers remorse but goodness was it worth it.  This space can take our guy all the way through high school and into college…then this baby is all mine, an office to be exact ;) I told you, I’m jealous!

Links are below AND if your up for it here is a video of the big reveal too, his reaction is priceless!


Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

Headboard and Shelves: DIY

Bedding: Knit blanket, Navy Euro Pillows, Rust Lumbar Pillow all at Target

Side Tables: Target

Throw Blanket: West Elm

Wall Basket: World Market

Mini Acrylic Frames: Urban Outfitters (discontinued)

Print Set: Target

Acrylic Chair: Hobby Lobby

Instax Camera: Urban Outfitters

Lamp, Silver Frames, Neon Pillow: Target (discontinued)

Leather Hanging Mirror: World Market

Cactus Print, Silver Hand, Plant : Home Goods

Mini Succulent: Target




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