Forever Love…Port Allen Children’s Photographer

There are no words for the love I have for my sweet Kade.  He is my first born, my first glimpse of true love.  He has been there for me when times were tough and there for me when times were pretty much perfect.  No matter what the situation, he has been right there down at my feet, looking up at me with the biggest of smiles, a head full of curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes…..right there, by my side.  There’s a connection that we share that I just can’t explain, a connection I stop and thank God for about 5 times a day.  Does every other mother in the world share this connection with their children?  Probably so, but ours is tailored to us.  It fits us like a glove.  There is no other pair like he and I, so I can’t say anyone else has EXACTLY what we have.

As Kade nears his third birthday, I have been reflecting on how quickly it has all gone by.  I know, I know….I’m sure your all thinking “…Oh lord, another sappy “time goes by too quick” Cassie post…”, but seriously y’all it REALLY does!  I’m definitely not handling him growing up very well.  From day one, I’ve wished he’d just stay exactly how he was on that exact day and never grow another day older and almost three years later, I still wish the same exact thing.

This morning I caught him in his room playing all by himself with one of his new toys.  I grabbed my camera and used the opportunity to capture him and his innocence on this dreary January morning.  Our little 10 minute lifestyle shoot turned into something I didn’t expect.  Sure, I knew I’d get some good shots of him but I didn’t expect that they turn out to be photos that meant so much to me.  It’s most likely due to the fact that they are lifestyle, caught in the moment.  No posed forced “cheeeeeese”es.  Just a boy and his trains.  There are so many things in these photos that only our little family will understand.  From his backwards undies (the only way he wears them, WHEN he actually has them on) to the shots of him in his bed and the “Dream Big” artwork blurred out in the background.

Now, enough with the sappy-ness!  I’ll save that for the post when he actually hits three!





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