Family Vacation | Spring 2014 (part two)…Orange Beach, Alabama Family Photographer

Ok, soooo this deserved it’s own little post.  Since our last visit to Orange Beach, SO much has changed.  New restaurants have made their mark…new condos are up in the sky…and Sharky’s Family Adventure Park has made it’s way to The Wharf.  We loved this park for so many reasons!  First reason (and my favorite reason) is that they accommodated to the little ones!  We have visited something similar while on vacation here and unfortunately, Kade has to sit out and watch.  When we walked up and saw the toddler coarse I was immediately giddy with excitement for him.  Once I settled down and got him all strapped in, I realized the colors, the sunset, the smile on his face (and mine) was too much to pass up!  I grabbed my camera and went to town.  I love these photos of he and his paw paw.  They conquered this little coarse together and these show their fun little “journey”…because hey, this is a task to conquer for a little three year old ;)  I tried talking Brent into letting me take my camera up on the big coarse but was quickly brought to reality when he explained how quickly I’d be burying my MarkIII (my fourth child, lol!) if anything had happened.

The staff at Sharky’s Family Adventure Park is SUPER friendly!  It wasn’t crowded at all, annnddd one of the other reason’s I love this one so much?!?!  It has zip line sections (my second favorite part ;)  Y’all, SO much fun!  Seriously.  This will be something we do every time we visit for sure :)  I highly recommend this fun little park for any family!



Taking it slow on the first section…


Paw Paw helping him through his first bridge :)Untitled-2 copy 3CTP_7402One of my faves for sure…checking it all out <3CTP_7408Untitled-2 copyUntitled-2 copy 2CTP_7419CTP_7425CTP_7450CTP_7457

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