Family Vacation | Spring 2014 (part one)…Orange Beach, Alabama Family Photographer

This little vacation was SO needed!

I find our lives have become so fast paced.  It feels like just yesterday Kellan was just a newborn, all snuggled up in his bassinet…Kade was still toddling around in diapers…and Blaison wasn’t near as close to a middle schooler.  Three growing boys, a home to keep, and a growing business tend to put our lives in the fast lane.  With the first part of the year jam packed with personal events and a busy work schedule,  squeezing family time here and there on week nights just wasn’t cutting it.  I knew when we planned this vacation that it would have been needed but boy oh boy did I not realize HOW needed.  Not two weeks before Easter, we lost an amazing man.  A man that played such a huge part in our lives, someone that once lost we all felt a void.  The amount of emotion we all experienced had us all so worn down.  To have this time together to be with one another and share our sweet memories of him was exactly what our little family needed.

Our four short days filled with sun, sand, laughter, play and love was perfect.  As with any beach vacation I plan, I promised myself “…Cassie you are going to get beach photos of the boys, you are going to do it…no matter what…”  Sure enough, it didn’t happen.  BUT in my defense, getting three boys together, dressed, and convinced that pictures are fun is a production!  One of which that I was TOO exhausted to take on.  So I did what I do best, I adapted.  I lugged my camera bag around wherever we went and worked with what I had.  The stars happened to align one afternoon during lunch…all three boys were playing in the sand in a perfectly shaded area under some palm trees, no fussing, no complaining…just enjoying their time together.  Taking my camera out during that 10 minute period got me a set of images that I’ll cherish forever (annnddd have already been ordered in canvases to hang on my wall, lol!).   No, they aren’t your typical beach pictures…they aren’t all in jeans and white shirts…they have bumps and bruises, drooled on shirts, and undies hanging out…but they are EXACTLY my boys.  They are exactly how I know my boys today, everyday and exactly how I’ll remember this afternoon :)

P.S.  Let me mention how madly in love I am with shooting at the beach!  Looking forward to planning a few trips for work this year!


So incredibly thankful my sweet husband does what it takes to get photos like these!  Photos of my boys and I are few and far between and he knows this.  He whole heartedly listens to every direction I give him on how to get these and puts everything into it…it’s the cutest thing ever :)

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