As a mom of three little boys, I find myself wanting every little moment captured and preserved. I want to remember life’s little moments…the ones that are easily taken for granted. From the belly laughs, giggles and grins down to the dirty hands, skinned knees and favorite stuffed animals. It’s this magic that makes up childhood. These little moments, I want to capture for you, too.  I put my all into my sessions and photograph each child or family as if it where my own. I truly want to capture personality, good times, who your children are, who you are. I want to give you images that make your heart skip a beat when you look at them for the first time…that give you a warmth…that take you back to that moment as if it were happening right in front of you.
I describe my style as “classic” and “timeless”.  I find that I am naturally drawn to styles and trends that will never get old.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to pay for something that I couldn’t keep on my walls year round or much less, just keep them on my computer or just post to Facebook….I wouldn’t want that for you either :)  My mini sessions have the same feel.  While there may be props, it won’t be tackily overloaded.  Just subtle hints to give you the right feel.  Because lets face it, a photo of your child surrounded by presents, ornaments and candy canes isn’t going to stay on your walls year round.When it comes to photography, I am motivated, passionate, & addicted.  I will never stop learning & challenging myself, because I LOVE IT.

I like to photograph real life (referred to as lifestyle), because those are the memories that really count & deserve to be preserved forever.  I hope I am given the opportunity to capture yours.

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Now a little more about me…

“Hey! My name is Cassie & I…”

…dream big …LOVE being a Mom…am a compulsive party planner …love anything with buffalo sauce on it …am grateful & appreciative of everything in my life …cherish my family more than anything in the world …LOVE kids …and most importantly, I am a momma to three sweet little boys, a wife to one hard working man, and a girl with a million reasons to love my life <3

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