Bubble Baths and Brothers | Port Allen Children’s Photographer

There are things these two do that I want to forever remember and their bubble baths together is one high on that list.  I know at some point it’ll come to all come to an end.  Their giggles, splashes and soapy toes won’t be shared forever.  And that before I know it, they’ll be too big to share bath time.  On this particular day, cold and rainy, we decided and warm bubble bath was just what the doctor ordered but little did I know exactly how much it would mean to me.  On a whim, I pulled my camera out and to my surprise captured some of my favorite images of them.

The truth behind these ::my truth:: is that these two can be down right mean to each other.  They fight, they scratch, they yell.  They are brothers.  Brothers who are in constant competition and always have to out do one another.  They take toys from one another, they boss each other around.  They are brothers that can bring me to tears over the worry of if they’ll ever love each other like I know they can.  But on this particular day, I pulled my camera out on a whim and got something for myself that I can never replace.

What I feel from these, what I remember from this exact day is the amount of love and happiness they shared in that bubbly bathtub.  They laughed, they splashed, they made soapy beards and made each other giggle.  They loved each other like I knew they could.  They brought such happy tears to my eyes that I’ll want to hold on to forever.

The one thing I want to stress to any mamma reading this is to document.  Document your happy moments, your sad moments, your silly moments and your mad moments.  Pull out that phone or camera and document anything that makes your life, yours.  We are only given one of them and we will never get today back.  What a better gift to give ourselves and our children than photos that tell our story?






February 2, 2016 - 10:20 pm

Hannah Lugibihl - LOVE these photos and the advice. As a working photographer sometimes it’s hard for me to remember to get my “real camera” out and not just my phone…to be intentional about capturing these kinds of moments. This is a great reminder! :)

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