Brooke and DJ Pregnancy Announcement….Port Allen Maternity Photographer

Ok sooo most of you know by now how much I love love love motherhood as a whole…and we also know that first comes pregnancy!  When Brooke contacted me over the moon about she and DJ’s exciting news I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in her excitement.  She was truly elated with her pregnancy and I love that about her.  After a few reschedules due to weather we FINALLY got a beautiful day to get these taken.  First let me tell you all how incredibly sweet these two are.  They have so much happiness to them and it truly shows in these photos.  Not only that but I can’t help but look back at these and see how happy Brooke is to be expecting <3

It’s completely out of my comfort zone to shoot anything other than children.  I connect with children SO easily, it just comes natural to me.  With that being said, lets just say I was a bit nervous to photograph these.  I knew I could photograph them but I just didn’t want to fall short…she was SO excited and I could not let her down.  Thankfully, Brooke had been planning for these photos for ever and came perfectly prepared :)  With an arsenal of pins and some sweet props there was no way these could have failed her ;)  Let’s just say I am IN LOVE with everything about these!  Brooke and DJ could not have been any more enjoyable to photograph.  They both were so happy to be there doing this and to me, made the photos that much better.  I’d like to give a huge hug and kiss to Brooke for choosing me to photograph such a special time in your pregnancy!

With a random bout of baby fever and the want to step out of my comfort zone more often, I leave with this sweet set of photos….



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