Addie Blair is ONE!!…Port Allen Baby Photographer

This fun little cake smash was oh so perfect on just about every level!  From the perfectly pink ombre cake (that complimented the beauty of a backdrop we had) and mamma’s DIY details to Addie Blair’s bright, big, beautiful smiles that lit the session…I could not have asked for more.  Not only where these photos so perfect to me but they hold so much meaning to me as a photographer.  While this is my second time photographing Addie Blair, I was still SO nervous about them.  In the length of my business, photographing a special needs child has come few and far between, and this was only my second time…she was also my first a few months back ;)  I had this terrible fear…a fear that I would fall short….a fear that I would not fulfill what I was set out to do, capture this special moment in time.  A fear that I wouldn’t be able to connect with her….a fear not of this sweet blue eyed little soul but a fear of myself,  more or less.  As an adult, I realize that I was raised in a society that seemingly hid special needs children from us…kept them tucked away because of what our world was at that time.  Now, growing older and wiser…growing into a mother and raising my own children I’ve come to realize how important it is to raise our children with knowledge…knowledge that not everyone is the same but we are all equal.  My time spent with Addie Blair showed me that there was nothing to be scared of….my biggest hurdle was myself.  The only thing that was going to keep me from connecting and doing what I do best was me.  Taking that wall down and putting the thought of failure on the backburner is what it took.  How silly was I to think that I couldn’t connect with this sweet child?  She is as equal as any other child I  have photographed, equally as smart, equally as beautiful and gave me the ability to connect with her just as any other.  I am so thankful and honored that Aimee chose ME to capture those bright blue eyes and contagious smile.  Because in the end, it reminded me that all children are equal…all precious gifts from God put here to do great things….


April 10, 2014 - 10:15 am

Donna Kuykendall - Cassie, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Addie Blair. I am Aimee’s mother, and Addie Blair is my heart! They pictures truly capture her sweet and loving personality. Thanks again!

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