A “Monster” of a Party!

This past weekend, as a few of you may know my sweet Kade turned three.  I must admit I am an obsessive party planner.  I used to go all out planning these things for up to six months in advance.  Add a growing business and a few kids in the mix and you get a watered down version of what I “used” to plan.  I can say though, that I’m completely happy with how this one turned out.  First let me start by saying where the monster theme came from….if you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you can easily answer that question….Kade is truly our little monster.  He is into EV-ERY-THINGGGG!  Not with bad intentions or to be ugly, he truly is just a curious little boy with an imagination that my walls, cabinets, utensils, floors, couches, his brothers…well I’ll just stop right there I’m sure you get the idea…get the brunt of.  On top of all of that, he is a do-er.  If he asks for juice and I tell him to hold on a second, he decides he’s not too keen on waiting so “…I’ll just do it myself, I’m sure momma wouldn’t mind…”!  That my friends, is how the monster birthday party for my little monster came about.  As hard as I tried to take pictures of everything, I definitely missed some key parts to it.  Our guests’ invitations were fun and bright with a cute little set of monsters to greet them.  Oh, and a hand full of colorful tissue confetti waiting on them inside their envelope.  From what have been told, opening that envelope opened a small little party :)  At the party we had a “Color a Monster” table with party monster coloring pages for the kidlets.  This was shockingly a huge hit.  We originally were going to rent a jumper but were on a bit of a budget and just made due with our swing set, Kade’s toddler sized trampoline he got from us for his birthday, and all of the boys’ outside toys.  I honestly didn’t count on too many kids coming inside to color but they did!  We also had Monster’s University playing in the living room for them to watch while they colored.  I had a small table set up with their “Adopt a Monster” party favors and a tiered server filled with tons of grab and go toddler snacks.  The Adopt a Monster favors truly made this party the amazingness that it was.  I owe a HUGE hug and kiss to my friend Maegan for sewing and stuffing their bodies….she and I both know they were not going to happen had it not been for her.  Blaison and I stayed up the night before and assembled their faces, such a fun thing to do!!  I found myself super attached to these little guys, when one would walk out the door with it’s new owner a part of me was sad to see it go, lol!  BUT to hear all the mommas tell me how those monsters go everywhere now, makes me so happy to hear :)

The cake.  This cake deserves it’s own paragraph.  First off let me say how amazing it was.  Kim created EXACTLY what I wanted and it was a huge party of making this party perfect.  We picked it up the night before and made the hour drive from Watson ALLLL the way to Port Allen with no damage at all (yay us!).  Now, it’s party day.  We are a little behind because the husband totally crapped out on me the night before.  He had a list of things to do and after a long day of work didn’t stay awake past 9:00 to get them done.  So, to help out I run down the road to pick up the salad from Cou-Yon’s BBQ.  As I’m driving home, it dawns on me….Kade has gotten in that cake.   At that time, it was about an hour before the party so the cake was out.  I sent Blaison in before me to deliver the bad news that I prayed was going to turn into “Cassie, cake hasn’t been touched!” but it totally ended how I expected.  There it was, a huge finger mark in that cake!  Naturally, it’s Brent’s fault because he didn’t watch Kade close enough.  If I could have only captured that “deer in the headlights” look he had on his face when I told him what happened.  After a call to Kim on how to fix it, playing with it, trying to fix it, I realized this was meant to be.  I told myself “…you know, it wouldn’t be Kade’s monster party if Kade hadn’t done some little monster thing to leave his mark..”, all of a sudden everything was ok.  At this point, I was smiling that it happened.  Happy that we have something to laugh about years down the road :)  Most would think that he wanted a taste of the cake, but he honestly didn’t.  He just wanted to touch it.  He had no concern with tasting it, he just saw these cool monsters and wanted to feel them, play with them.

Soooo I think that pretty much sums it up….some big balloons, coloring fun, monsters to call your own, great friends and family, delicious food, a happy birthday boy and a few imperfections…just our kind of perfect.

Cake – Kim Vallot’s Creative Cakes

Monster Clip Art – Bailey Doehler

Coloring Pages – LeeLaaLoo

Felt Monsters – Maegan Thibodeaux

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